Does FB have a new logo?

Social media brand Facebook’s parent company has changed its name to Meta and updated its logo to an infinity loop that resembles the letter M. At the latest annual Facebook connect event, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media company has changed its name to Meta.

What is the new Facebook logo 2021?

facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced earlier this week that the giant tech company is now changing its name to ‘meta’ – with a new logo resembling a distorted infinity loop. this decision puts a spotlight on the founder’s next step in connecting people virtually, which he calls the ‘metaverse’ plan.

Facebook explains the meaning of the Meta logo

In a company blog post, Facebook’s—er, Meta’s—design team explained that the symbol is meant to perpetually morph: … It can resemble an M for “Meta,” and also at times an infinity sign, symbolizing infinite horizons in the metaverse.”

What is Meta the new Facebook?

28, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company known as Facebook would be changing its name. The company, now known as Meta, will still have Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR under its control. Meta will focus on the metaverse, a shared virtual environment, as well as its other popular apps.

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The new symbol and name change were nods to Mr. Zuckerberg’s plans to refocus the Silicon Valley giant toward what he sees as the unification of disparate digital worlds into the so-called metaverse, the immersive, interconnected online space largely enabled by augmented and virtual reality.

Will Facebook app change its name?

Facebook, the app is not changing its name. Nor are other apps under Facebook – Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Also unchanged, at least for now, are its chief executive and senior leadership, its corporate structure and the crisis that has enveloped the company.

Is Facebook app changing its name?

Our apps and their brands, they’re not changing either,” Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, said during Thursday’s virtual event.

What is Meta going to be like?

Meta envisions a virtual world where digital avatars connect through work, travel or entertainment using VR headsets. Zuckerberg has been bullish on the metaverse, believing it could replace the internet as we know it.

Welcome to Android Central! Open the app drawer – depending on the phone you’re using, that requires either a swipe up from the bottom of the screen or a tap on an icon that looks like a grid of dots. Then, scroll through the list of apps until you see Facebook. Press and hold it, then drag it to the homescreen.

Is the Facebook logo going away?

Like many companies in trouble before it, Facebook is changing its name and logo. … Facebook the app is not changing its name. Nor are Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The company’s corporate structure also won’t change.

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