How do I get rid of Kpop trending on twitter?

How do I mute KPop trending on twitter?

Actually, yes you can do, by just following the steps listed below:

  1. Click Settings and privacy from your profile image drop-down.
  2. Click Muted words.
  3. Click Add (you can add both words and phrases. …
  4. Enter the word or hashtag you’d like to mute.

Is there a way to block all KPop on twitter?

KPop Blocker (@BlockerKpop) / Twitter. Trying to clean up twitter from the obnoxious K-Pop community. Simply use ‘Twitter Block Chain’ to block all the people I follow.

Why is KPop all over twitter?

The main reason they add these videos is for views and they’ll even add it in tweets that have no correlation to increase these views. Other times, people use it to promote whoever it is in the fancam or the songs themselves.

Why is KPop always trending?

Pop music would be nothing without catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics. K pop is no different, making use of melodies that are instantly stuck in your head. Boy and girl groups alike have appealing song writing down to a science, which makes their music appealing to fans no matter what language they speak.

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How do I stop seeing what I like on Twitter?

You have to go into the liked tweets or other unwanted tweets and click the right-hand arrow. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Not interested in this” option. The more you do this, the more the Twitter algorithm understands that maybe you just want to see regular tweets in chronological order.

Why do kpop fans spam Twitter?

Why do K-pop fans on Twitter have obsession of spamming fancams everywhere in comments of Twitter posts? – Quora. I think they’re just trying to increase the views of the fancams, and then there are others who are just trying to shove K-pop in peoples’ faces, even if it’s under incredibly sad posts.

How do I block BTS?

So here’s how:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in your Google account.
  2. Go to the profile of the user you want to block. …
  3. Click the “About” option of their profile/channel.
  4. You will see a Flag Icon near “Send Message”.
  5. Then Select Block User.
  6. And then, select “Submit” and CONFIRM you want to block that user. …
  7. You did it.

Can you block hashtags on Twitter?

Unfortunately, does not allow users to block hashtags but Tweetdeck does. … Just go to SETTINGS in Tweetdeck, choose MUTE, choose “TEXT CONTENT” and in the “USING” box type in the hashtag (e.g. #TwitterChat) you want to block. Then Voilà! It’s that simple.

Which country has the most K-pop fans 2021?

MANILA, Philippines – In not-so-surprising news, the Philippines came in third in a list of countries with the most K-pop fans – ranking even higher than South Korea. Based on Twitter’s K-pop data from 2021, the Philippines trailed behind Indonesia in the top spot, and Japan in the second spot.

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Why do people post K-pop in Twitter replies?

Twitter stans have replied with K-pop fancams to tweets about people who have died or fallen ill, saying “maybe if they had stanned ___.” Yikes. The implication is that their misfortune was cosmic karma. Most recently, fancams tweets popped up after the death of Disney Channel star, Cameron Boyce.

What is the dark side of K-pop industry?

A wave of scandals has brought unwanted attention to South Korea’s squeaky-clean music industry.

Who listens K-pop?

K-pop listeners are young and diverse

K-pop is also attracting a broad coalition of listeners – while three-quarters of K-pop frequent listeners identify as white (non-Hispanic), the rest of the K-pop audience is split evenly between African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

Why Kpop idols are so skinny?

Most Korean pop stars have very extensive diets that are assigned to them by nutritionists. They are very strict on what they eat and live very active lifestyles that promote a slim figure and small features.