How do I make a second Facebook Messenger account?

Can you have 2 Messenger accounts on one phone?

The Dual Messenger function will allow you to use two separate accounts for the same app. … Whether its for home or work; you can run the same app for two different accounts quickly and easily.

Can I have 2 Messenger accounts on Iphone?

Facebook Messenger now supports multiple accounts on iOS, The Next Web reports. … iOS users can access this feature by going to the app’s settings and tapping ‘Switch Account. ‘ From there, users can login with additional Messenger accounts and switch between them as needed.

What is dual Messenger Facebook?

Harish Jonnalagadda. 26 Jan 2021. Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central. Dual Messenger is an incredibly useful tool that lets you run two instances of a messaging service on the same phone. So if you have two Facebook or Telegram accounts or use two phone numbers with WhatsApp, the feature comes in handy.

Can I have two Messenger apps?

Get Dual Messenger

Using Dual Messenger is very simple. Once it’s set up, you can begin organizing your accounts all in one place. From Settings, search for and select Dual Messenger. Tap Dual Messenger again, and then tap the switch next to the desired available app.

How do I set up dual Messenger on my iPhone?

How to use dual WhatsApp on iPhone? (Dual Messenger for WhatsApp – Chats)

  1. Download and install the ‘Dual Messenger for WhatsApp – Chats’ app from the Apple App Store.
  2. A QR code will appear, you must you another device to scan the QR code.
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Can I have 2 separate Messenger accounts?

You can now have more than one Messenger account on the same device.