Quick Answer: What is a good click through rate for twitter ads?

What is a good CTR on Twitter?

Data shows the average Twitter CTR is 1.64%.

According to SignUpTo, the more followers you have, the fewer clicks you’re getting on your tweets: Users with 50 – 1,000 followers had a 6.16% CTR. Users with 1,000 – 5,000 followers had a 1.45% CTR. Users with 5,000 – 10,000 followers had a 0.55% CTR.

What is a good results rate on Twitter ads?

According to AdWeek, “engagement rates” for Twitter ads can be as high as 1-3%, much higher than Facebook’s average CTR of 0.119%.

What is a good ad click through rate?

The CTR Equation

Basically, it’s the percentage of people who view your ad (impressions) divided by the ones who click your ad (clicks). As far as what constitutes a good click through rate, the average is around 1.91% for search and 0.35% for display.

Is 20% click through rate good?

In either case, a CTR between 10% and 20% is considered desirable. However, highly targeted emails (personalized messages, behavior-based campaigns, etc.) can often attain click-through rates above 20%. Whatever type of campaign you’re managing, remember to track your progress.

What is a good open rate?

Your average email open rate should be between 17-28%. Your average click-through rate should be between 2-5%. Your average click-to-open rate should be between 6-17%.

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What is a low click-through rate?

Low click-through rates indicates that something’s not right. Either your message isn’t relevant or your ad copy is lacking, or you haven’t utilized the proper negative keywords to keep your ads appearing for interested prospects.