Best answer: How do I remove a badge from a Facebook group?

Tap Group Settings. Scroll down to Added to Group. To add a badge, tap Add New, scroll down to Badges, tap See All and tap Add next to the badge you want to add. To remove a badge, tap the badge then tap Remove.

How do I change the badge on a Facebook group?

How do I manage badges in a Facebook group?

  1. Tap then tap Groups and select your group.
  2. Tap your profile photo to the left of “Write something…” to go to your member profile.
  3. On your member profile, tap Edit Profile.
  4. Scroll down to Badges and tap Edit.

What are the Facebook group badges?

Facebook group badges or Facebook group member badges are the visual tags that you see beside group members’ names. These icons next to names on Facebook appear in all group posts, comments, and member profiles.

Are Facebook badges automatic?

From now on, your badges will automatically assign to the user they’re intended for. If you’ve earned a badge you’d rather not display (like the ‘Top Fan’ badge) it’s probably not permanent.

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How do you get a badge on a Facebook group?

Here’s how:

  1. From your news feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click More then Edit Group Settings.
  3. Head to the Badges section, then Manage Badges.
  4. Select the badges you would like to have on in your group.
  5. Hit save.

Where do Facebook badges display?

The top fan badge will appear next to your name in any comments you post on the Page or profile. The top fan badge will also appear on all past interactions with the Page or profile that you’re a top fan of. If you later choose not to show the badge, it’ll be removed from all comments where it once appeared.

How do I remove Author badge from Facebook?

To remove a badge from a top fan, tap the fan’s comment on your Page’s content and then select Remove Badge or tap their name on the top fan list on your Page’s Community tab.

What does it mean to get a badge on Facebook?

How can I use the badge on my Page? The badge enables you to easily see comments from your most engaged followers and then react or reply to their comment. On mobile, you can also easily scroll through comments by your Top Fans in the Top Fan block of your Page and like or reply to them.

How many Facebook page badges are there?

The update has introduced four new badges, including “Top Fan”, “Anniversary Follower”, “Follower”, and “Milestone Follower.” By following or liking a Facebook page, users will see page updates in their News Feed, including posts, photos, and videos.

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How do I give a group Expert badge?

To make a member a group expert, admins can navigate to the member list, search for who they’d like to give the badge to, and choose “Make Group Expert” from the member menu.

Who Awards Top fan badges Facebook?

Top Fan Badges are awarded to those who are the most active and engaged on a page, while the Valued Customer honours people who regularly post comments on the page. People who qualify for and turn on top fan badges will have a badge next to their name when interacting with your Page’s content.

What is a Facebook author badge?

By implementing the Author Tag on their websites, publishers can make it easy for Facebook readers to start following the author of an article they just read and enjoyed. This is a web development tool that connects the byline in a story preview in the News Feed to the writer’s Page or Profile with Follow.

How do I get rid of visual storyteller badge on Facebook?

You can disable badges for all eligible members by visiting Settings in Admin Tools & Insights, and selecting Group Badges.

Why did my top fan badge go away?

Top fans are updated weekly. Interactions with the Page include posts, comments, videos you watch, and private messages you send. … The top fan badge will appear on past interactions with the Page. If you later choose not to show the badge, it’ll be removed from all interactions where it once appeared.

Is Top fan Badge automatic?

Select the Settings tab, then click Facebook badges in the lefthand column. Ensure the slider next to Turn on top fan badges is set to On. That’s it, your Top Fans should now be automatically selected when they reach the required level of interaction.

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