How do I manage my data on Instagram?

How can I control my data on Instagram?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone:

  1. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account, then tap Cellular Data Use.
  4. Next to Use Less Data (iPhone) or Data Saver (Android), tap to toggle on.

How can I see all my data on Instagram?

How to view your Instagram data

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to your profile page by tapping the profile icon on the far-right side of the bottom toolbar.
  3. In the upper-right hand corner of your profile page, tap the three horizontally stacked lines. …
  4. Select “Security.”
  5. Under “Data and History,” tap “Access Data.”

Can I delete my Instagram data?

How to clear Instagram’s cache on an Android. On an Android phone, you don’t need to delete the Instagram app, or even log out of your account. The Settings app has a built-in way to clear the cache.

What is access data on Instagram?

The Data Download tool allows you to request a file that includes your photos, comments, profile information and more. You can access the Data Download tool from the Privacy and Security section of Instagram Settings. Downloading your data is a password-protected process.

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Why my Instagram is not working on mobile data?

Clear App Data and Cache (iOS/Android)

If a restart didn’t fix Instagram for you, try clearing the app data and cache. … Scroll down until you find the Instagram app, tap it, then tap “Offload App.” Go to the App Store, find Instagram and install it again.

Does Instagram use data?

Instagram is among the apps that the internet uses accuse of consuming excessive data bundles. Loading the images, the videos and the stories that are posted consistently consumes more data than you may think. … Instagram videos preload enabling you to watch them in an instant, and consuming data in the process.

Does Instagram data have deleted messages?

Using Instagram Data. … When you delete your messages, they disappear from your iOS or Android device but remain on Instagram’s servers. Using Instagram Data, you can download this stored information that includes videos, photos, and messages. From this data, you can then extract your deleted messages.