How do I pin a Facebook group rule?

How do I make my group rules visible on Facebook?

To create rules for your group:

  1. Visit your group on desktop.
  2. In the left menu, click Moderate Group then select Create Rules.
  3. Click Create Rule and add a title and description.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. To adjust the order in which group rules appear, drag and drop the rules into the order you’d like them to be displayed.

How do I pin a group on Facebook 2021?

To pin a group:

  1. Tap then tap Groups.
  2. Tap Settings then tap Pins.
  3. Tap next to the group you want to pin.

How do I pin a group on Facebook 2020?

Hover your computer cursor over your new post, click the small arrowhead on the top right corner of the post, and choose the “Pin Post” option. Doing so will pin this post to your Facebook Group. You can only pin a post if you are one of the group admins on the Facebook Group.

What does pinning a group mean?

You can pin a post on a Facebook Group to make it stay on the top of your group page. Reuters. You can easily pin a post in a Facebook group on a computer or mobile device. The post you pin in a Facebook group permanently puts it at the top of the Group page.

How many groups can you pin on Facebook?

You can pin up to 10 groups at a time. To remove a pin, tap next to the group name.

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