Question: Why is my Facebook app in development mode?

Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions. This Error Comes because the app which is used to login in facebook , is in developement mode. So, other users can’t login with their facebook. To Solve this error you have to make the App live.

How do I fix Facebook development mode?

Go to Settings -> Basic. Toggle the button in the top of the screen, as seen below, in order to switch from Development to Live.

How do I remove Facebook app from developer mode?

UPDATE 9th June, 2016

  1. Navigate to facebook developer account.
  2. Select the application to which you’d like to make changes to.
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Advanced on the left panel.
  4. In the bottom left of the screen you will find Delete App.

How do I change Facebook from development mode to live?

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  1. The on/off toggle to activate Live Mode is located at the top of the screen on Facebook’s App Dashboard.
  2. To turn on Live Mode, developers will be asked to enter: the “Privacy Policy” URL for the app, the app’s icon, its business use and category.

What does it mean when an app is in development mode?

Those basically all mean the same – while an app is in sandbox mode/development mode, so “not live”, only the users added as admins, developers, testers to the app can use it and see content that was created through it. Only when you put it in live mode, every user will be able to use it and see content made via it.

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What is app development mode?

Apps in Development mode can only request permissions from role users, and only permissions with standard or advanced access levels (applies to Consumer apps only). Similarly, features will only be active for role users, and only features with standard or advanced access levels (Consumer apps only).

How do I get rid of developer mode?

You can disable the Developer options and hide the menu by opening Settings, and then tapping Developer options. Tap the switch at the top of the screen to turn off Developer options.

What does development mode mean?

The Settings app on Android includes a screen called Developer options that lets you configure system behaviors that help you profile and debug your app performance.