Quick Answer: How do I make an anonymous Facebook group?

Can you set up an anonymous Facebook group?

Set your Facebook group to “Secret” to make it anonymous. Facebook groups let users share messages and multimedia with a private set of Facebook users. As a Facebook group admin, you can invite whomever you wish to join. … The most anonymous privacy setting is “Secret.” Only members can see a secret Facebook group.

How do I create a Facebook group without showing my name?

On your screen, from the “Admin Tools” section on the left, choose “Settings.” On the “Settings” page, go to “Features.” Next, select “Anonymous Posting” and tap on the pencil icon. On the “Anonymous Post” window, choose “On” from the “Anonymous Posting” page. Click “Save,” which is seen at the bottom of the window.

How do I make an anonymous post in a group?

On the “Groups” screen, from the sidebar on the left, select your group. Then, in the pane on the right, click the “Anonymous Post” option. Facebook will open an “Anonymous Post” window. Click “Create Anonymous Post” at the bottom of this window.

Where can I post anonymously?

Here’s a curated list of an anonymous publishing platform for instant writing a post online without the need of signing an account.

  • Telegraph. Telegra.ph, a web app by the same authors as Telegram that lets you create and share a post very quickly and easily, without the need of an account. …
  • txt. fyi. …
  • Write.as.
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What is anonymous user link on Facebook?

Anonymous Login lets people log in to apps so they don’t have to remember usernames and passwords, but it doesn’t share personal information from Facebook. People can decide later if they want to share any additional information, once they understand more about the app.