Can twitter mute words from trending?

If you don’t want to hide all trends but only those that you aren’t interested in, here’s how you can do it. Go to “Settings” then to the “Mute” option. You can mute specific keywords in addition to users. Type the words or phrases that you’d like to mute.

Can you censor words on Twitter?

Select “More” (the three horizontal dots) from the side menu and then select the “Privacy and Safety” tab. Then choose “Mute and Block” and “Muted Words.” Here, you’ll see a “+.” Choose that to type in the words and phrases you want to avoid when you’re on the platform.

Does Twitter have a profanity filter?

Our AI-based profanity filter finds any tweets, replies or retweets that contain commonly-known swear words.

Why are muted words still showing on Twitter?

“Our teams are looking into a system issue that is causing the muted words settings to default to ‘from people you don’t follow’ rather than ‘from anyone,’” a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. … Of course, muted words and hashtags are only as good as you make them.

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Can you block certain topics on Twitter?

Go to Interests from Twitter in Your Twitter data. Click or tap the Known For tab at the top. Deselect any Topics you do not want to be Known For.

What words are not allowed on Twitter?

So far, accounts have been suspended for the phrases: “Kill myself, cut myself, hang myself, suicide, punch and I wanna die.” Basically any words that trigger or imply self harm and suicide. Even simple everyday phrases like “ugh kill me” and common “stan twitter” phrases are getting accounts suspended.

How do I filter inappropriate content on Twitter?

To filter content: Go to on desktop > Select the menu (…) button > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Scroll down to the “Safety” section > Search filters > Select “Hide sensitive content.”

How do you get the sensitive content on Twitter?

Go to and log in. Tap Settings and privacy. Tap Privacy and safety. Scroll down and under Safety, check the box for Display media that may contain sensitive content.

How do I get rid of Kpop trending on Twitter?

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Enter Twitter and go to “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Trends for You.”
  3. There, you’ll see all the trends that Twitter’s algorithm recommends for you. Click on the “Show more” option.
  4. Turn off “Trends for You” with a simple slide of a button.

How do you tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter?

Recommended. It’s done by opening up Tweetdeck and making a “Home” column for the person you suspect has muted you. If you don’t appear in there, then you’re muted — you can do a tweet to be sure.

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What is the word limit on Twitter?

In most cases, the text content of a Tweet can contain up to 280 characters or Unicode glyphs. Some glyphs will count as more than one character.

Why is KPOP always trending?

Pop music would be nothing without catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics. K pop is no different, making use of melodies that are instantly stuck in your head. Boy and girl groups alike have appealing song writing down to a science, which makes their music appealing to fans no matter what language they speak.

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